Comme Se Dice?

Discover the magic of Neapolitan culture and language. Learn about its rich history and vibrant traditions, while mastering the melodious Neapolitan dialect.

Chi Song' ?

Ciao, Me chiamm' Vincenzo.

I'm an independent director, videomaker, author, and archivist with a degree in Cultural Heritage Sciences and a Master's in Creative Process Management from Iulm University, Milan. Passionate about minority languages and the culture of Naples and Southern Italy, I've produced documentaries on these topics from 2010 to 2020.

My teaching philosophy centers on the expressive power of Italian and Neapolitan, focusing on their ability to convey unique contexts often untranslatable. I advocate for a personalized, emotional, and authentic teaching approach, leveraging videos, audio, songs, and articles to engage students in a professional yet informative way.

O Podcast'

Arrecreateve e sentiteve 'o podcast da lengua napulitana!